Catch up with the conference talks below:

Dr Kristine Madsen's presentation: SODA TAX IMPACTS

Dr Simon Thornley's presentation: NZBGP Policy Brief

Dr Tanya Major's presentation: Why we need to address sugar-sweetened beverages in gout

Kerry Allan's presentation: Shfting the culture of a school

Megan Tunks' presentation: Wai Ariki - 'a Māori response to SSBs in our communities'

Tess Clarke's presentation: Healthy Futures Through Collaboration

Sandhya Pillay's presentation: How Coca-Cola is making it easier for people to consume less sugar

Dr Caryn Zinn's presentation: Sugar-coated kids

Kathy King's presentation: Towards sugary drink free: The Bay of Plenty and Lakes Drinks in Schools survey

Prof Tony Blakely's presentation: Sugar taxes. Just drinks, or across the food chain? And how?