SYMPOSIUM 2019 - Improving Scabies Treatment

Dr Daniel Engelman - Toward the global control of scabies

Professor Michael Baker - NZ evidence for the association between skin infection and rheumatic fever

Dr Simon Thornley - Scabies and ARF Epidemiological evidence

Dr John Malcolm - Skin sepsis & scabies in the Bay of Pleny; If and how associated with acute rheumatic fever!

Dr Mila Al-Habouni - Development of a multiplex PCR test for skin pathogens

Dr Cielo Pasay - PCR diagnosis of scabies

Dr Miriam Nakatsuji - Scabies an equity issue - South Auckland primary care

Dr Maryann Heather - The experience of scabies in our Pasifika community

Dr Gerhard Sundborn - Scabies prevalence study and future research